Machines for Stainless Steel Tube

1. Forming and Welding Machine (Stainless Steel Tube)
The machine is designed for welding of stainless steel strip to form tube.
The finished stainless steel tube will be appropriate for further processing into capillary tubes for
hypodermic injection needles. The raw material used will be stainless steel strip
AISI 304 grade, soft BA, elongation min 40%, tensile strength 53kg/mm2, max.HV200.
stainless steel tube - forming and welding machine
2. Floating Drawing Machine (Stainless Steel Tube)
Floating plug drawing machine is designed for drawing of the İŞ 0.04mm tube with
0.20mm wall thickness into İŞ 0.10mm, İŞ 0.13mm, İŞ 0.15mm thickness, etc.
3. Sinking Drawing Machine (Stainless Steel Tube)
It is designed for sinking of stainless steel tubes to draw needle tubes to İŞ 0.36mm ~ İŞ 2.00mm diameter.
4. Annealing Machine (Stainless Steel Tube)
It is designed for proper heat treatments of the stainless steel tubes. The annealed tubes will be
further processed by sinking machines.
5. Annealing Re-coiler
6. Straightener
It is designed for straightening of the stainless steel tubes and equipped with automatic cutter to
cut off to the length of two meters or desired length of tubes.

Note : Features and functions and dimensions of the above machines for stainless steel tube may be changed in accordance with continuous technical development and updated design.